"Build a bot in seconds": Introducing the Bot Developer Kit 2.0

Happening on Wednesday, January 20
2:30 PM SGT
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Americas and EMEA region time-friendly webinar is happening on Tuesday, January 19 at 10:30 AM ET/ 3:30 PM GMT

Join us for the "Build a bot in seconds": Introducing the Bot Developer Kit 2.0 webinar on 20th January at 2:30pm SGT. During this interactive session, we will demonstrate in action our new re-architecture BDK. Don’t miss out! 
The BDK 2.0 is the latest version of the Symphony Bot Developer Kit, a Java-specific SDK (Software Development Kit) that provides all of the basic support as our other SDKs including simplified configuration setup, the real-time event listeners, the Activities API, message templating engines, and the Spring Boot Integration provided out of the box. With an ultra simplified configuration and authentication setup, intuitive message and room management, message templating and new Activities APIs, developing bots on Symphony has never been easier.

The BDK 2.0 could be summarized with a very simple mathematical equation:
BDK 2.0 = (API Client SDK  1.0 + Bot SDK 1.0)^2
- Simplified Configuration & Authentication - Multiple bots support - Intelligent binding of the Symphony API -  Extended services - Framework Integration - Intuitive code assistance

At the end of the session, we'll dedicate time to answer all of your questions. So come prepared!
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