Symphony Innovation
Award Winners

Innovation Award - BlueFireAI

BlueFireAI, RiskSignals Bot

Customer Winner, June 2019

BlueFireAI's RiskSignal integration, the Emmalyn bot, provides asset managers and investment banks with continual monitoring and alerts about the financial health of companies in which they have risk exposure. RiskSignals pushes alerts to users over Symphony to flag early warning signs of corporate stress and help clients avoid damaging losses. In conversation with Emmalyn, she also allows for historical company deep dives and visualizations that are all seamlessly integrated in Symphony. This allows for access “in workflow” to machine intelligence to gain a more comprehensive view of asset and investment portfolio risks.

Innovation Award - DCA

DCA, Project Kairos

Customer Winner, June 2019

Project Kairos involves a set of bots that automate client orders. The Rutherford bot, used for client identification and onboarding, authenticates Symphony users, then assigns users to the appropriate chat room. The Marie Curie bot then receives and processes trader order workflow from users verified by Rutherford. Together, these two bots eliminate manual processes prone to human error and significantly reduce the error cost associated to order execution whilst also improving accuracy and efficiency.

Innovation Award - JPM

J.P. Morgan, BETSI Bot

Customer Winner, June 2019

BETSI, its Bot for Equity Trading Symphony Integration, built as a buy-side trader assistant for the equity trading desk. A collaboration between the firm’s Asset Management technologists and equity traders, BETSI was launched in Q1 2019 to improve traders’ productivity and operational efficiency by automating communication to both portfolio managers and brokers globally. The team leveraged Symphony Bot technology to integrate broker communications of IOIs and RFQs into Spectrum Trading (JPMAM’s proprietary OMS) as well as streamlining communication of market news to investors. Building on Symphony significantly reduced the cost and time to market from proof of concept to a fully integrated production solution in less than three months.

Innovation Award - UBS

UBS, AskUBS Chat Bot

Customer Winner, June 2019

The AskUBS chatbot answers complex questions around electronic order execution for Sales traders. Traders can query AskUBS in natural language and receive detailed content on order performance, algo behavior, order status and relevant market statistics, all to assist with refining the client's execution strategy, in real-time. AskUBS has decreased the time spent to obtain queries from minutes down to seconds, allowing Sales Traders to focus on other client requirements and make more informed decisions on client executions.

Innovation Award - AllianceBernstein

AllianceBernstein, Abbie Bot

Customer Winner, October 2018

Abbie is an AI-powered virtual assistant that allows its portfolio management teams to automate repetitive bond trading tasks. Abbie listens for trade instructions on Symphony, reads orders from spreadsheets, suggests Treasury trades based on tenor and currency, builds trades with a variety of bond analytics and quickly shows exposure to issuers. Traditionally, this has been a time-consuming process that could take up to hours to complete manually. Abbie performs these tasks in mere seconds today, giving AllianceBernstein a clear competitive edge in operational speed and efficiency. Abbie launched in early 2018 and currently processes 50% of all AllianceBernstein’s fixed income trades – a productivity improvement equating to roughly 50 hours per day.

Innovation Award - Vorto

Vorto, ServiceNow Integration

Partner Winner, October 2018

Vorto's ServiceNow integration creates an efficient environment to manage the critical trade reconciliation process through real-time collaboration between the client and counterparties. Since this integration has gone live, it has significantly reduced the overall time of the reconciliation process and has replaced secure email as the primary communication source. It has already resulted in at least one full time employee’s workload being able to be refocused on more valuable efforts, more will come as the process is further adopted.

Innovation Award - JPM

J.P. Morgan

Most Popular, October 2018

We introduced the "Most Popular" award at Symphony Innovate 2018 and honored J.P. Morgan for being the most externally engaged firm in the Symphony network.

Innovation Award - BlackRock


Most Engaged, October 2018

BlackRock is the first winner of the "Most Engaged" Symphony Innovate Award. This award recognizes them as the firm with the highest percentage of daily active users on Symphony.

Innovation Award - ANZ

ANZ Banking Group, Trade Butler Bot

Customer Winner, June 2018

The Trade Butler Bot automates the trade validation control for foreign exchange (FX) trades to make the process easier and more effective. Previously a manual process, the Symphony integrated bot solution delivers significant benefits in terms of operational risk mitigation and resource utilization, resulting in an 81% reduction of risk events linked to incorrect trading.

Innovation Award - ipushpull

ipushpull, Symphony Data Layer

Partner Winner, June 2018

ipushpull's Symphony Data Layer wins for its offering which enables users to share the latest data from their external applications with other Symphony users without sharing files. By integrating with the secure Symphony Data Layer, ipushpull is able to deliver live data sharing while leveraging Symphony’s powerful security, encryption and access controls.