Connecting Symphony Users to WeChat

Leverage your existing governance and compliance frameworks from within Symphony

WeChat Connectivity

Symphony users can collaborate with WeChat users directly via the Symphony for WeChat Mini Program.


Leveraging existing compliance & surveillance capabilities, administer Symphony users and continue to monitor communications whilst helping prevent data leakage.

Trusted By 450k Users in Over 400 Firms

Symphony's Collaboration Community Integrates with Tencent's WeChat | Symphony

Symphony and Tencent announce partnership to integrate Symphony’s collaboration community with WeChat. The Symphony WeChat service allows Symphony customers to communicate with clients on WeChat in real-time while maintaining compliance and governance policies.

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    Symphony partners with Tencent to integrate WeChat with its community

    "'WeChat is to China what WhatsApp is to the rest of the world; it is the primary communication channel country-wide. Deutsche Bank is thrilled to be part of the team that created a solution to communicate seamlessly with our Chinese clients, that’s convenient for them while upholding rigorous compliance and security standards,' said chief information officer for the investment and corporate bank at Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific, Chris Bezuidenhout."1

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    Sy_WeChat User Onboarding.png
    Symphony WeChat - User Onboarding 

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    Symphony WeChat - Chat Screens

    WeChat users are easily provisioned via a QR code and experience the same familiar interface to which they are accustomed.
    • Every message is automatically integrated into the enterprise’s existing governance, information barrier, entitlement, malware protection, and data loss prevention.

Chat Functionality

Supports 1-1 chats, group chats, blasts, emojis etc, which can be administered granularly.

Seamlessly bridges Symphony Users to WeChat Communities

WeChat users are easily on-boarded into Symphony’s directory and network, bridging two fragmented communities.

Standardized out-of-the-box Governance

Compliance, data retention, and surveillance works on existing implementation of Symphony.


Eliminates the need and hidden costs associated with onboarding a new platform. Symphony for WeChat can be provisioned quickly with no onboarding overhead.

Supports Automated Workflows out-of-the-box

Leveraging Symphony's automation framework, customers can create bots, to provide their clients with a rich engagement experience using their chosen communication platform.

Frictionless Onboarding

Elected Symphony users can manage the onboarding process of WeChat clients through an extension application.